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My Tree
My tree is right outside my bedroom.
The water pipe is less than a metre away, yet it still it died.
I didn't remember, even once, that trees need water and love, as much as I do.  
Now I mourn, and wish it was sleeping.
Can trees sleep?
:icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 1 1
Shown To New Eyes
Take me to the world of butterfly tears
Of cascading rivers of honey and snow.
Show me raindrops that sparkle under the moonlight's gaze.
Stars that sing, their stage the sky, their life a show.
There will be a gazed of look in your eye, mine
Too, but with wonder and awe
Observing sunlit dewdrops on flowers shaped like trees.
The birds will sing out and cry to the sky,
Their sound invading hearts and hypnotising.
You will cry, like them.
I will laugh, music of two different worlds joining
With their dreams and souls in the summer heavens.
You still crying.
You , still hugged by tears that won't let go, no matter
the worlds you blindly show,
I see.
:icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 4 1
Down A Creepy Corridor
A thousand screams, littering the rusty air,
Echoing down the corridor
Joined by the cry of agony,
Dew drops of red
On broken crystal carpets.
Should of stayed at home,
But it's too late.
I try to stand up tall,
Point my nose to the sky,
However clouds frown,
No longer accept me into,
Fluffy embraces.
I'm closer now, and colder too
Blood left my naked toes,
So every step sends even more,
Shivers down my spine.
The cold is slowly seeping through my
Handmade woollen jumper,
I feel numb and quiet
All I hear is my steady heartbeat
Soft slow lullaby, drifting me to sleep,
Perhaps for the last time.
And I'm no longer afraid,
My fear driven out by the inevitability
Of it all.
I will reach the crooked door
Inside, with floorboards that creak,
My fate will be decided
I should of stayed at home;
I didn't, and now I'll turn the handle...
But it's already open.
:icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 4 12
I jump.
F a l l.
F   L   Y   I   N   G
Petite pavements,
Miniscule malls,
Tiny trucks,
A crackled
drop of
"I think I'm

Leaving grey clouds
:icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 3 2
My Last Regret
B u l l e t s !
last flashing memories;
I never--
:icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 6 4
Sunshine Reveries
It's 4.40 in the afternoon
You're smiling with the sun in your eyes
          A t   m e.
I know, the sun is blinding you;
Eye contact has been strictly ruled out
Our alliance;
Of just friends and casual.
My canon camera is pointed to the sky
Trying to capture moments of beauty,
What love would look like.
My sense of feeling has
Been locked up
A cemetery of lost emotion.
Belongs a sea
Of us, and future memories
Soft kisses, double dates. Also,
I imagine staring into your eyes.
Your eyes.
Reality; a cool grey sensation
Covering my dreams.
Eyes are averted
A melody of,
Rehearsed awkward laughs.
The alliance continues.
:icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 5 18
Rose by TheYellowBalloon Rose :icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 2 10
The freedom of all means the depression of many.
The depression of those who are labeled free,
Yet are not exempt from others questioning glances and dirty snarls.
Being free is disgusting; the words that fall have no filters, no human decency.
The words cut and hurt, killing their intended target.
Those who observe shudder and shrug
"This is freedom" They say, their robotic response,
"It is our right" They sing, their favourite song.
The words they freely utter are destructive and cruel.
Our right has been twisted and abused,
We will all be destroyed by our choice of freedom.
:icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 7 22
She Wrote
She wrote on Saturdays and Tuesdays, near the extremities of the week, so thoughts and observations could crawl out of her head and not drive her insane.
She wrote with a fancy inky pen that left black smudges on pristine paper and stained her fingers with the blood of dreams.
She wrote with the potent smell of perfume engulfing her. So much so that her eyes watered and she could barely breathe with lilies and lilacs tickling her throat and colouring her mind. Ideas would fill her mind as sudden as the urge to sneeze.
She wrote under the warm light of a bedside lamp that hugged her and encouraged her to continue. It bathed her in golden warmth and hypnotised her into writing more.
She wrote on the floor next to her closet, with the doors wide open so she could see old birthday gifts and too-small shirts -memories of the past. She wrote curled up in her sister's jeans and aunt's birthday cards; old memories as shining beacons of light in the piles of unknown, guiding her back to reality
:icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 5 20
I'm Fine by TheYellowBalloon I'm Fine :icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 3 18 Busybusybusy by TheYellowBalloon Busybusybusy :icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 1 15 Swans, by TheYellowBalloon Swans, :icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 3 10 Dreamer by TheYellowBalloon Dreamer :icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 2 5 Smile by TheYellowBalloon Smile :icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 1 6 I'm Coming by TheYellowBalloon I'm Coming :icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 6 10
In The Clouds
You hold my hand and take me up, up, up.
'Too infinity and beyond' you joke and I smile.
We go so high, and I squeeze your hand because I'm afraid of heights, afraid of falling.
(Though it's too late really, because I fell or you)
We go up into the rainy night, and the raindrops are twirling and spinning all around me and I swear I heard them laugh.  We go higher. We reach the clouds and where they tickle me with the cold and I shiver and giggle at the same time.
And we go higher still. To the golden lights, and they great you like a long lost relative and I wonder.
We swim in the dark night sky, as the twinkling stars watch.  They then join us as we dance and sing and laugh.  As the night fades away you take my hand once more and we go to the clouds. The sun had fluttered to the East before sleeping, as we danced. While the majestic orb rises, it paints the sky the most wonderful colours. I wonder once again.
After the rising, we lazed around in the cloud
:icontheyellowballoon:TheYellowBalloon 2 17


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Hello :)
United Kingdom
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there are times when you look at something and go, "that's ugly!"
instead, why not try to question the beauty in it?
if it's a cockroach, say something like, "oh, it's so shiny," or, "that thing can live through a nuclear holocaust."
admire every thing for its uniqueness.

i just wanted to change my journal.

on another note, i have managed to delete, one by one, all of my applications on facebook.
(i have nothing to do, except for actual work and important things.)


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